TAP! is truly the next-generation dating app!

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Create "Open" Dates

Schedule an event directly on TAP! to look for potential dates.


View a list of users who are free at the same time & place as you.


Match with the one you like and you're all set for your new date.

  • Schedule dates ahead of time when travelling.

  • See who is available now or at a future time.

  • Zero stress starting a conversation, go on a date with only one TAP!

What's great:

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Nearby Match IMG.png

Nearby Matching

Connect with users who are near you.

If someone catches your eye... in a cafe, the gym, or walking downtown, reach out to them through TAP!

If you're busy, simply review your time & location-stamped history later to find their profile again.

What's great:

  • No more missed opportunities with our real-time connection.

  • It uses Bluetooth to save battery and increase nearby accuracy.

  • No time? No Opportunity? No gumption? No problem!

Match on relationship interests

Only see others who want what you want, whether it's a serious relationship, dating, or just a hookup.

Serious relationships require care, that's why we use a sophisticated algorithm and tailored criteria to identify your ideal match.

  • An experience tailored to YOU, straight forward, no guessing games.

  • There is no better way to find exactly what you want.

  • Feel comfortable with your potential match by seeing their interests, personality traits, or serious relationship information.

What's great:

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TAP! is the next-generation dating app!

New features.

Real experiences.

Easier and more accurate matches.

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Fake accounts? No thanks!

Cracking down on fake accounts is essential to provide an enjoyable mobile dating experience, that's why we have:

  • Face recognition & instant verification.

  • Protection from catfishing & fake accounts.