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We are re-imagining the dating app with an experience tailored to find you REAL matches, whether it be for a night or a lifetime.

About Us

The TAP! team has been focused on creating a dating app that can truly be considered the next generation of its kind. The 'light-bulb moment' for this app came to our founder when he was getting coffee in NYC; noticing a beautiful woman sitting across the cafe with her family. There was something noticeably special about her, if only from a glance. But he simply couldn't find a way to approach her, wishing there was a way to just say “hi” or pass her his number. These situations are all too common, and chances missed become regrets.

Everyone understands the struggles of meeting new romances. Time, opportunity, and gumption all play an important part in this dance, and if we’re missing even one of these key ingredients, the opportunity is lost almost as quickly as it appeared. It’s a shame how normalized this unfortunate reality is, but we’ve had no real alternative, until now!

Our vision stems from all these experiences, but goes so much further than that. At TAP!, we're rethinking the way a dating app should connect you with people who you truly want to meet, whether it be someone across town or simply across the cafe. No time? No opportunity? No gumption? No problem! Don’t miss another chance to meet someone special.



TAP! strives to keep things easy and straight-forward to save you time on all those “swipes” while also guiding you to lovely like-minded singles who you actually want to meet. People are tired of sifting through thousands of profiles to just connect with a small fraction of them; and then to realize they don’t really have anything in common with their so-called “matches”. Our time is precious, and we’re realizing that the quality of these interactions is more important than the quantity. TAP! will offer unprecedented versatility through its suite of features and tailored experience, which is ultimately what people are looking for in 2020. Tinder was great to get the ball rolling, but it’s time for something better.

Nearby Matches

Connect to users who are within a very close proximity, in real time. If someone catches your eye in a public café, night club, or even while shopping at the grocery store; have the ability to reach out to them through the app to say “hi” or nonchalantly send them your contact info! Do this in real time or simply access the app at your later convenience to review your time & location-stamped history and find their saved profile.

Post an Open Date

Schedule a day, time, and general location to look for a possible date. After you post your Open Date on TAP!, view a list of other individuals who are also looking for a similar venture, find one you like, and send them a “date request” to say hello and connect :) Simple, straight forward, and fun! You can even do this spur-of-the-moment by posting that you’re “available now”!

Match on Relationship Interests

TAP! allows you to match others according to three categories: Singles who are interested in Serious Relationships, Casual Dating, and/or Hookups. No guesswork involved… know right away what both of you are looking for.

Find Matches Anywhere

TAP! provides far-reaching connections using a sophisticated algorithm which allows users to match each other based on tailored criteria. Importantly, there are much more criteria needed for a serious relationship match to occur, versus a match for casual dating or a hookup. This gives users a better experience no matter what type of relationship they’re looking for.



You have questions, and we're here to help answer them!


When will TAP! be available?

When will TAP! be available?

We are working diligently to get our app out to you as soon as possible! We're currently scheduling our app's launch for early 2021. Send us your information below in the "Contact Us" section, and we'll keep you updated!

Are there any security concerns?

Our founder was a security professional before starting TAP! and places user's safety as a top priority. We're always thinking of the best and most innovative ways to ensure our app is used properly to keep users safe and stress free while enjoying the app.

What will you do to avoid fake accounts on your app?

We understand that cracking down on fake accounts is essential to having an enjoyable experience on a dating app. That's why we supplement the "standard" user authentication features with our own user verification system! It's very quick and easy, with a high success rate. When a user uploads their profile picture, TAP! uses live facial recognition to verify the user matches their picture.

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